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We Are Giving Back and We Need Your Help!

$5.00 from every glass replacement and $2.50 from every chip repair invoice for retail and fleet card customers will be donated to local charities, because we don’t want the money leaving Central Alberta.  We are locally owned and operated and we want to help out local charities. 

Here's how it works:

Upon completion of the work being done you will receive a ballot.  On the ballot will be your name and the type of work we completed for you.  You check off what charity you would like to choose.  If none of the options on the ballot are to your satisfaction, there will be an option to pick your own charity.  All that we ask is that it is a registered charity and we would prefer that the money stays in Central Alberta.

Within the first week after the end of each month, a draw will be made.  We will video the draw, and we will inform everyone through our website and social media of the results.  We will add up all the ballots and send the money to the charity that was selected on said ballot.  The person who had their name on the chosen ballot will be notified that their ballot was chosen and the amount of money that was sent to their selected charity.

This is your opportunity to select where you want your donation to go, there is potential for thousands of dollars to be donated to local charities.  We have researched these charities and found that the money collected here stays here.

So now it is up to you, Central Albertans, to help us make this work.  We are not a huge national or international company, all of us here are Central Albertans, so we are asking you to support your local business, especially one that wants to give back and make a difference.  Click on the charity's logo to see how they help Central Albertans.

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